Hi i recently went to a guitar shop to try out some new amps for just bedroom practice i tried the marshall DSl5cc which was too loud to crank even in the 1 watt mode. Anyways the amp i really liked was the BLackstar ID TVP!5 however it has no effects loop. Ive tried my looper pedal (Boss RC-30) with a line 6 spider before which didint go well because i couldn't record some clean chords and switch over to distortion because it would put distortion on chords aswell And also the speaker didint seem to be able to handle to things playing at once. I tried to fix the problem by using a separate distortion pedal after the looper pedal which just seemed to muffle everything to which the sound was unplayable.

Mu question is will the looper pedal work better with the blackstar id TVP15, if i go ahead and buy it. Or is there anything i could do to make it work better or if their are any amps like the blackstar which the looper would work better with.l
Thanks in advance.
Put the distortion pedal before the looper.

I don't see any reason why the Blackstar would be any better without the loop. The key here is to get distortion before the looper pedal, and not after, and you need an effects loop or a pedal before the looper to do that.