I've been playing the guitar for smth like 10 years now. I'm about to create a band here in Poland and rerecord tracks with real drums and more improvisation, but just for now, here you got some demos.



Greets from the US

I checked out your stuff, I really enjoyed your sense of space in composition. Hearing the contrast between the odd rhythms of the unison riffs and the drums was cool. How did you all record and produce your songs?

Would you mind checking out my group, Zephyranthes, in my sig? Thanks
I'll the check your band for sure. I record using presonus audiobox (it sucks!) and my yamaha pacifica with merlin hellfire under the bridge (one of the most powerfull passive humb available on market, manufactured by polish guy in Olsztyn) This pickup is made for metal, but i really like its crunchy tone i can get with it. I use also roland cube 30x with its recording out output. I have also M-audio bx6 carbon monitors. Frankly speaking I put only a little of EQ on bass and guitar on Crepp Time track. Havent even mastered it cause wanted to achieve garage dirty sound. And yeah, maybe it sounds a little bit like inspector gadget theme ;D