Hey guys!

Please check out this new song from my heavy metal band - Against Evil

Please let me know what you guys think!

The drums sound spectacular and the the guitars have a nice meaty tone. The album artwork is awesome as well! I personally don't like the "hey hey hey" of the chorus. I guess it's just not my style. I like the guitar work overall, but I will be honest in saying that I wasn't expecting it. Since the song has speed in the title I was expecting a faster paced song. I was able to through you a like on Facebook and listen to War Hero as well. I personally like that song more, but I won't go into detail since that is not the song being critiqued. Thank you for the great music!



Hey man! Thanks a lot for your review and thanks for taking the time to check us out on facebook too!

I really liked your music too! Left you a comment!

fantastic drum sound...minus the snare, it's too compressed for my tastes. the guitars sound good, but a little digitaly, maybe a little less like 2k and 500hz. this song overall songwriting wise has a lot of fun elements and has a great energy that really keeps pushing it forward the whole 5 minutes, which is tough to do in such a long song. I'd mix the vocals a touch lower and my a little verb or something, they're a little dry for my taste. the gang vocal "heys" are sweet, but need to feel more epic, try some verb and saying "hey" in a different voice a few times, it'll widen those out a lot and make it feel bigger.

Sorry, that might have been a bit incoherent, i was typing as I listened to so thoughts just came out

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1704466 c4c bruh! Thanks
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Ok. This is badass. I remember your band from a while back when you posted a song. Its got such a modern thrash sound, like Metallica but with a bit of modern metal influence. Its great! I don't know what else to say.

If you could check out any one of my guitar backing tracks and let me know what you think I'd appreciate it. Heres a link.
GuitarManiac110 Hey there! Thanks a lot for checking out the song. We put the "Hey Heys" to make it a bit more melodic i guess!

Left you a comment on your thread!

Bostonrocks I didnt have anything to do with the mix man. We just recorded it and got the album mixed/mastered professionally. But thanks a lot! Im really glad you dig the song!

Reviewed your music in your thread!

xevious1 Hey there! Thanks a lot for checking out my bands music man! We did aim for that old school metal sound with a touch of modern elements.

I really like your backing tracks dude! Great way to practice some improv solos! Keep me posted with your updates!

If someone played that song to me, and then asked me for my initial reaction I would say...My thoughts after I finished the song is that your band are mostly mid 20's ish. You are at the start of your bands life and are young song writers and I feel a very megadethish, Zak Wylde influence to what you do. Most importantly, I liked it.

I like the drum mix and the guitar mix, I think that was well done. I don't like to critique singers, mostly because I don't think I am that great of a singer myself, but I have to agree with at least one other post in saying the hey hey part of the chorus really didn't work for me. I get a real Dave Mustaine feel from your vocals and I think it would serve you well to try and get a little more snarl in your voice and maybe a more snarky kind of vibe from your lyrics. Again, not a singer so take that for what it is worth. Also, I use Reaper when I record myself and I like to add just a touch of delay to my vocals to make them sound a little deeper, something you might want to give a shot.

Final thought, I have no idea the age range of your band or how long you've been together or how long you have written songs for. My initial reaction was not meant to be insulting or a critique of your band, I am just saying the initial impression I got knowing nothing about your band. And hey, keep producing music... Never have enough metal in the world.... peace...
domea Hey man! Thanks for taking the time to review the song. You are right about us being mid 20 ish and also right about the megadeth/zakk wylde influence Now coming to the Hey Hey part, we did that to make the chorus a bit catchy (its easy to sing along when playing live)...a lot of people liked it and a few people didnt like it as well...now coming to the mix part...we didnt mix the song ourselves..we had it mixed/masted professionally by a great studio in Italy...so the song you heard it the official album version...the vocals already have delay/verb..you obviously cant hear the delay cause its in the mix..you can only notice it if you listen to the isolated vocal track..Thanks again for taking the time to write a review of the song! Like i said before, we have an album out and you can listen to a few of the other tracks from the links below. (just for you to get a better idea of our overall sound)...do check them out and let me know what you think...Cheers!!!

3.) https://soundcloud.com/islanderncs/against-evil-bulletproof
Hey, awesome track! The writing is fast and agressive, and the guitar work sounds good too, the rythm guitar would be better if it sounded tighter, like I said on the previous song you posted here, it's thrash with a modern sound, also the artwork on your music always looks awesome . I do think that it would add a lot the song if it sounded bigger/more agressive, not the writing, but the sound of the instruments, make it more...punchier? I think it would fit the song better.

My favourite from you is still War Hero though

Here man, check out my new song:

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VStratto Music Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen to all of my band's songs dude! I left you a comment on your thread!

Awesome old school cover art, man! The overall sound of the track is very good. Great guitar sound, same goes for the drums. This is not exactly my genre, but it sounds like you successfully use some of the genre conventions while also mixing in some outside elements, which makes this more interesting for me than other more conventional thrash songs.

Would be cool if you could check out my band's tune:
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Been sharing you guys on the Metal group I created/Admin (we have almost 200 members now) sounds really great, got a really old school vibe about it, but with modern productions. Reminds me of ExMortus for some reason

would be cool if you could check this out and give me some feedback!

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wyldelife Thanks a lot man! We were kinda going for the BIG guitar and drum sounds to make it sound a lot heavier. We also try to incorporate some modern elements into our otherwise "old-school" sound to make it sound a bit different from other heavy/thrash bands. Thanks for the review man! I left you a comment on your song (It totally rules BTW!!!)

Fisheth24 Thanks a lot for going the extra mile and sharing our music on other groups man! We are a new band from India and could surely use all the attention that we could get! Do check out my bands other songs too on Youtube (just scroll up for the links!!)

Sounds great, only think is perhaps the mixing needs a bit of volume levelling. I would say make the guitar slightly lower (not too much, just a bit) and increase the drums a little so you can hear the thumps and cracks of the snare and kick really well. I personally don't mind the hey heys (I know other people do) but if you're trying for the real thrash and not Megadeth, then maybe take them out, although I really dont think they are that bad, it all depends on what you want your song to sound like. Overall though, pretty good. I would ask for a review of my song but its not metal (unfortunately) cuz my band mates dont really like metal, only I do. Anyways, great song!
EY8CC Thanks a lot man! Your demo reminded me of metallica. Left you a comment.

dabdabtheduck Well, the volumes were kind of a personal choice. We had the "Hey Hey" parts in there to make the chorus a bit more catchy so that its easy for people to sing along to when we play live.