Fell upon an auction for this guitar and I can't find any info on this specific model...the seller says it's a development guitar i.e. probably never went into production. Does anyone here have any useful info on Aria guitars from this year? Thanks!
Nice I had an Aria Pro II ZZ Deluxe back in the mid 80's I had to sell it to be able to afford a Charvrl Fusion Custom in 91 and I never really regretted doing it as the Charvel was a major upgrade although TBH I do wish I still had the Aria Pro it was a decent guitar.
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Judging by the picture it looks like it's in good shape, and Aria Pro made some goof guitars. I played a solid body Strat type one in that age range when it was fairly new, liked it pretty well. When they put that kind of work into blending different woods, it's usually not a low end cheap guitar...If the price is good it might be worth a try.

Look at the link BassBuilder posted, 1981 dealer slicks. Bottom picture has a FS1000 that looks almost identical, but has different switches. The one I played was a RS series I think, with a coil tap switch, Aria seemed to like those. Black, 2 humbuckers hot pickups by the way, very nice neck. The FS1000 and TA series both have at least one separate switch, not sure if it would be a coil tap or phase swap switch. The one you posted looks like one of those two models.
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