My Epiphone Les Paul Standard has been having a couple issues lately. For the past couple months, the top (low E, A, and D) strings have been rattling when picked and when the guitar is strummed. I believe the culprit is a small white ring on the tuning peg which cracked earlier this year, and just now fell off. I have no idea why this would cause the strings to rattle so badly however. They are fresh 9-42 DR Nickel round core electric strings.

My other issue is the guitar not working when amplified using the Mid and Rhythm switch positions. It only works in treble. I have opened the guitar up and found nothing wrong, and it is not my cord or amp. No idea.

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I think that's just a plastic spacer, shouldn't cause 3 strings to buzz. Usually what you describe is caused by the nut slots being too deep, so the strings buzz against the 1st fret. Sometimes you can raise the bridge a little and stop it, usually it takes a new nut with nut slots cut correctly. To fix the tuner, you'll have to replace that one tuner.

The pickups not working sounds like a bad or dirty switch. First thing to try is spray it with some contact cleaner, work it back and forth a few times, and see if it works again. If not, replace the switch. Make sure no wires are disconnected, sounds like you did that already.
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Oddly enough, the culprit was my tuner, which is odd because I don't always have it on my guitar. However, something on the tuner was rattling, even though I have experienced the strings rattle without the tuner on. The pickup problem is still there though.
If you really think its from your tuners then check the ones that are having issues and see if the nuts are tightened and not loose.

Also, what exactly did you check to make sure nothing is wrong?
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