New mid-priced (low-mid lol) Ibby guitar I bought for about $400...souped it up and it plays like butter

As a rule, I'd rather buy cheaper/mid priced guitars and work on/customize/upgrade them myself than buy higher end ones ...way more fun

Got to say the electronics were crappy out of the box. The volume knob bled when turned down, output jack cut out intermittently & bridge pup had it's ground wire loose...had to solder another ground to the baseplate. Having said that the instrument itself was very well finished & decently set up. Well set/cut nut, no sharp fret ends/minimal buzz, tight neck pocket, nice and resonant etc. So I gutted it, switched from the 500k mini pots to fullsized 250k volume/500k tone ..swapped out the green chiclet tone cap for a .047uf russian PIO..put my fave bridge p'up (Lace Alumitone Deathbucker) in along with a pair of new single coils (non-staggered Buff Beauty's) from Rose pickups ...worked on the action/set intonation etc & now it's a shred machine ..not to mention pretty to look at

Jam with my AMT Stonehead ..testing all pickup positions (bluesy shred):

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Congrats on the axe!
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Cool looking Ibanez man! HNGD
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