The drum mix is really nice. The kick is tight and has just the right amount of "click" in it. Awesome snare sound. The overheads sound just a tad quiet in some parts, but that's probably just me.

It's kind of hard to distinguish the bass from the guitars, but I do like how it sounds during the clean section. If you use some EQ in the low end to separate it from the guitars, it would add some power to the overall mix. The guitars themselves seem to be EQ'd really well, could maybe do with less low mids though.

The vocals are really well recorded, the vocalist did a good job. I hear nothing to be improved.

I can hear a bit of pumping, like at 1:18. I think it's better to have to little compression than having too much, but like I said, it'd not that noticeable. All in all, it's a quality song. Great playing all around. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1704214
Loving the drums and vocalist (this dude's pretty damn hardcore all around). The mix is pretty damn good! Dem there breakdowns is so tasty. I gotta say, you guys really work well as a band reminds of my hardcore days (we ALL had them. Whoever denies should be ashamed of themselves.)

To pick at something that could use improvement, the vocalist actually threw in an awkward around 1:47, I didn't get why tho. The interlude was pretty nice, but the transition afterwards was a lil too forced, even tho listening to it in itself it sounds pretty damn good. I'd literally only work on a less blunt transition

But hey, sick song. Sound like a pioneering hardcore band, you know?

C4C, perhaps...