Hi everyone,

I'm a guitar newbie and there is a doubt that is really driving me crazy, above all because with Internet it seems that everything is writen but the truth is that after several searches I haven't found anything at all.

The question is easy. I own a Fender Squier 50 aniversary (1996) that I connect to a Yamaha THR10 (for practicing). That being said when I execute a slide (with my fingers) on a single string and above all when I use distortion (high gain), the sound I get is really dirty (as if the rest of strings started to tremble). It happens only in a couple of strings (D and treble E) and it is happening above all in some frets and is more noticeable when I execute a slide down, altough in slide up is also auite noisy.

I have observed that if I try to mute the strings up the fretboard with my left hand the noise is reduced, but this is something that is not possible to do in most of the licks.

Do I have any problem with my guitar? Maybe am I executing my slides badly? Can you recommend me any solution?

I have uploaded a sample of this problem in soundcloud:


Thank you very much in advanced.

Doesn't sound overly bad to me, just a little bit "messy".

You mentioned muting with your left hand, have you worked on right hand muting too? You could also try toning down the reverb, there's quite a lot on the sample you put up

Thank you for your quick response. It's true that the reverb used is quite high. I will try to record another one without reverb and delay and executing a slide in one problematic string and other one in a "good" string to see the difference.

I see muting with my right hand really tricky as I will have to mute all the strings but the one sounding.