Hello All. The forum has changed, and I don't like the new search as progress scares me so apologies if this has been done before.

Progress actually scares me so much that despite at one point running a 10 pedal plus rig I NEVER used a looper and preferred to just flop my foot out and close my eyes, hoping for the best.

I'm much older and wiser now, and am looking at the glory of a looper. Ideally running a selection of pedals in it, and then an m13 out of it (is this a good idea? is it a shite idea? you can do scenes with the m13 so in a way it does the things i need itself, right?) and looked at the GigRig. It seems very expensive and lets say that if it's on the floor, i don't treat it very well. And then in comes Joyo.

I have never used, tested, looked at or even thought of Joyo. Or a Looper. Before i make a much more reasonable Plunge than the Gigrig, am i making a huge mistake? Is the gig rig over 3 times better? Is there a better alternative to both? How does a looper actually work? How does the new search work?
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I've a PXL Pro as well; popping I guess is noticeable but I've never been to bothered. I run an M9 in my effects loop. I've had it for about a year and a half now and it has been pretty consistent, though I haven't done anything too brutal to it since it's velcroed on my pedal board

Another one I know with a similar design is a Rocktron patch mate loop 8; I actually bought it used but saw a new pxl pro was cheaper so I cancelled the order. Used probably goes around $200.

Even Carl Martin at $400 with the OctoSwitch is a better price. The gig rig does have a lot of cool stuff but a lot more than the average looper and it might be overwhelming, especially since it's your first looper, at $1000 no less.
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