Hey guys - I have a problem with my room acoustics (Im pretty sure its my room and not my speakers) where I have what appears to be a nasty null on the D note frequency. My speakers are jbl lsr308, my interface is an rme babyface, im running windows 7 and using Reaper.

The null is very apparent when I play back a full mix, but not so much when i listen to individual instruments. For example, if the chord progression root is D, the first chord will sound like its lacking a lot of fullness or body and I will think that I need to turn my bass guitar up; but then the second chord or remainder of chords will sound really full and louder than the first chord.

Im nearly 100% positive its my room. Everything is already compressed as hell in the mix, and when I played my song at a friend's studio I could hear the low D note that seemed to be missing.

I've tried my monitors in a number of different locations along a short wall, closer and further apart and closer or further from the wall. Ive also tried a number of different sitting locations, but nothing seems to get me that D note.

I mix in a finished basement. My room is about 7Hx15Lx11W, but it has some irregularities in the shape so I will have to draw ya'll a sketch in my next post.

I have some treatment that i can work with right now. Id prefer not to have to buy more because ive already spent about $500 on it and the treatment placements Ive used thus far havent changed a thing.

Here is what I have for treatment inventory right now:
-8 auralex bass traps (2'Hx1'x1')
-a few panels of owens corning 703 wrapped in a fabric (2 inch thick, and i forget the exact dimensions, they are all a little different, but generally 2' wide by 4' tall)

Right now I am set up on a short wall, my speakers are like 5" away from the wall and they are spread out about 5' off center each way. I have bass traps stacked from floor to the ceiling in either corner near each speaker. I have the panels of owens corning against the front wall in between my speakers and my computer monitor (which is wall mounted), and another panel to my right. I dont have any treatment over-head. My room has two guitar half-stacks in it, a couple chairs and a shelf with cables/pedals/ and microphones on it.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Not sure if it'll solve your problem, but get your speakers/desk more than 5" off of the wall. Shoot for 18 to 24" and see what happens.
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