Hi everybody. I'm saving my money to get a seven string (been wanting it more than a year.), and I want advice now that the money's starting to pile up (lol).

So, I've been leaning towards the Jackson Monarkh SCX7. It's $700 USD from most online retailers (and unfortunately the closest guitar store is in Orlando which has very dangerous traffic and is an hour away, so I have to buy online). It's got features from their pro series and their X series, with a mahogany body and Seymour Duncan pickups (Invader and Nazgul). It also has a set neck with a thin profile and jumbo frets. Since it's a new model, I'm having trouble finding reviews, although the six string models seem pretty good.

This guitar has a whole bunch of features I want to try out, but I'm worried it might not be the best purchase, simply because I can't find any reviews (I was thinking about gaining infinite youtube fame doing the first one). So tell me what you think about it!

My budget is negotiable, but I want to get an intermediate level guitar with brand-name pickups and 7 strings. I think the Jackson will be a good guitar, but I want some advice before I spend that much money! Thanks.
Never had the chance to try one myself, but the newer Jacksons I've actually held in my hands were pretty darn good (at least for the money). I used to be kind of a pre-Fender Jackson purist, but I'm actually considering getting one, and one of those I'm considering is actually a Monarkh, a six string mind you, but still
Well, it is an X-Series so it has the usual features of that series plus some unique features to the Monarkh line. It's made by Cort which makes all the X-Series for Jackson plus the Kellys and Monarkhs, and guitars for a bunch of other brands. People who have the 6 string versions seem to like them, so I don't think you can go wrong with one. Is it going to be "the best" for the money? Who knows, there's so much stuff out there and rarely is there some consensus about anything being the best.
I hold a bit of disdain for Monarkhs because they look nothing like Jacksons and they're a relatively generic take on a shreddy LP apart from the 7 string option being slightly uncommon (but not unheard of) on an LP copy. So take my opinion with that on board.

I don't think the Pro Series are that much more expensive but they have far better features than the X Series. In my opinion its when you start looking into the Pro Series that you really start getting into buying desirable Jacksons that don't outwardly skimp on features to meet a certain price point.

This is coming from someone who loves Jacksons too. Especially the older MIJ Pro Series.
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Thanks. I don't think the Seven String comes in the Pro Series. I'm pretty sure there's only one model available, which is why it has a mix of features from each series. I think I'll try it out, and let you know what I think. I already have half the money saved.
This looks pretty badass for $849 Pro series arch top, locking tuners, coil tap, DiMarzio D-activators, kill switch, locking tuners, strap locks...

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