Been awhile since being on here! I've got a particular question that I wanted to see if you guys may have input, so here goes.

Just got a baby beagle May 22nd, he was 6 weeks, had gotten his first Parvo shot the day before on May 21st. I got his next shot June 10th, which they decided not to go by what shots he had previously gotten, but to start a new series of three shots. The next appointed shot would be July 1st, and last would be July 22nd. The age puppies can get the final shot would be at 12-14 weeks old, which would be next week. Until he has gotten all of his Parvo shots, hes supposed to stay in doors, out of grass, away from other animals, pretty much away from the outside life. Now my situation, since its harder for me to find someone to babysit him, I work less. Not to mention extremely boring being at home and not being able to go out with him, but I've accepted those terms. I have a nice big backyard and another dog that I wish he could stay and hangout with until I return to home from work. I cant afford to wait until July 22nd, to be working less at my job, but of course his health is priority. Would it be appropriate to bring this up to the vet so he can possibly get his shots sooner? Or would it be pointless? Hopefully this doesn't come off as ignorant.
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I have to ask why you didn't just ask the vet anyway and thought asking some people who play(ed) guitar would be a better use of time.
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IMO it would be appropriate to worry about this a whole lot less. Dogs were running around outside and thriving well before Parvo shots were invented. I'm not saying there is NO danger, just that it's a good deal less likely that you seem to think it is.

Your vet has to be ultra-conservative lest he get sued. You don't.
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i dont have anything helpful to contribute, but...

Parvo is typically transferred from contact with an infected dogs poop. In reality, the chances of you coming into contact with infected dog shit, let alone there being infected dog shit in your backyard is quite slim. Your dog will more than likely be fine. Also remember, the follow up shots are only boosters to strengthen the vaccine up.