This is a tab for a song I wanted to do in the R.E.M. style, in particular their first 2 albums, Murmur and Reckoning, since they've been a big influence on alternative rock, and bands that I wanted to sound like (Radiohead, The National). I tried to sound as much like them as I could without ripping off anything note-for-note per se and this is what I have so far.

C4C, will get back to you ASAP

clean song 7 6 22.gpx
ok so it is acoustic, so i understand from a song writing standpoint its hard to really give diversity without vocals. If you have a vocal melody I would add it. if you did that, almost all of my "critiques" would be null and void.

It didn't hold my attention really, but thats not really negative feedback honestly, it's not my style of music. If i get a hold of my brother i'll have him check it out, he likes those bands you mentioned; i'm a hardcore guy inside and out.

musically nothing was off, it all fit correctly. i would do a bit of panning in the track to see how it would all work together in a real recording. it might open up some more ways to present the ideas you have for the track. possibly hand off some the melodies from guitar to a piano(rhodes , grand, ect..) to spice it up and give it a different feel.

take it easy dude.
The melody running through the song is the vocal melody, I don't know how loud it is in the mix. I have lyrics for it but they're not finished, by the time I'm done with those I want to record this song. My main concern is if the melody comes across as too plain or idk "flat" sounding. If I need to change it I can, but I have lyrics written already so I'd have to readjust them to the new melodies. I think it's better when it's delivered with singing, it meshes with the song more than the guitar melody does with the rest of these instruments. If you can imagine a Michael Stipe imitation along with everything else happening, that's what I'm going for lol.
So, I'd say you've achieved a decent Michael Stipe impression here. You seem to know exactly what you're doing there, which is absolutely great.Though like Matt above me, I'm into more experimental or heavier music by and large, so if it were me writing this I'd want to vary things a little, mix it up you know? Make things slightly off-kilter. Again, that's just me. Haha

Incidentally, I turned up the drums a little and found I'd actually liked it a lot more with a simple minimalist drum beat to drive it. I like REM, but my main issue with some of their more obscure stuff is how ponderous and droning it can get. A good beat I think is a must in this kind of music. I don't know if that's something you'd want to look into or not in this case, but that's what I'd do.

Imagining it with proper vocals definitely helps. If you can pull that off, I'd say you have a good song on your hands, matey!
Terribly sorry that the reply is this late, hectic days, sorry - and thanks for your crit!

Only occasionally listened to some R.E.M. and even then I only know a couple of their hits, so take it with a grain of salt :p

First impression was that I was certain it was gonna sound a lot better overall had there been a vocal line or something like that, I think that always makes a big difference for lots of music, except like some crazy-ass technical death or w/e. Because for the most part the guitars play around their chords which is like bread without its butter. Still okay but yeah. Maybe the second guitar could have helped with a fill here and there or some neat little segue or transition.

Played around with the melody part a bit and listened to the song a couple of times with it a bit higher in the mix (and I swapped and tested several different instruments and sounds with it) and all of a sudden it sounded quite a bit more lively and atmospheric and I liked the song much more!

Again, since I don't usually listen to this style and those kinda of bands I don't necessarily have a solid reference point but the drums seem like they could be given some more love. Nothing too major, nothing that would ruin the ambience but something to spice things up here and there like those small things in bars 74, 80 or 83 where you play around with the 16ths to break the string of quavers, I really, really liked that stuff.
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