Quick question, I have found a Fender Standard Stratocaster (MIM) I can get for the same price as a Squire Classic Vibe 50's I was looking at. On the one hand I can't help thinking the Fender is the better guitar, it says Fender on it and it normally costs more than the Squire. On the other hand I have read several reviews in which the reviewer said the CV series of Squires is every bit as good as the MIM strats, maybe even slightly better. Which would you get everything else being equal?
all else equal - i would go MIM.

they are both nice guitars and you should try out both if you can. there are lemons of both from time to time.
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Play both, see which you prefer
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I liked the classic vibe more than mim standard when I was trying strats.
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CV. I own a fantastic MIM that i spent a lot of time looking for and played a lot of melons. Never played a bad CV.
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it really depends on which of the two you prefer. they are both good starting points and overseas construction has gotten much better over the decades.

if you like a glossy neck then the CV is probably what you would prefer, most MIM's have a satin/unfinished feel to them. (which a lot of players prefer).

try them, buy the one you like. the CV's tend to hold their value pretty well on the used market.
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agree that a big part of your decision needs to be about the necks. I really don't care for the glossy necks that the CV has so MIM is the way I'd go (and did). you can't really go wrong with either choice.
On average I've played more good CVs than good MIMs but that's one guys experience. Really it 6 in one hand and a half dozen in the other, whichever plays better is the one.
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Well somebody already bought the Fender so the decision has kind of been made for me. I guess I'll be getting the CV.
awesome, nice guitars.
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