Every amp I have played that has reverb built in always seems to thin out distortion into a fizzy mess. Is this just the nature of the beast? Will this issue pop up in rack unit or stompbox verb?

Next on my list of things to aquire is a versital reverb unit, something along the lines of the boss rv6 I think it was. Is that fizz something we all have to live with? Or Is it just the nature of spring verbs?

I run an ns2 in my fx loop which is before my reverb, did the same on my last amp too. So it only fizzes when playing. And I'm looking to build some nice dark atmospheres.
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tanks can be fussy. pedals can be tweaked more.

even if you were to get an outboard tube driven reverb tank, you will get a little bit of the same thing. i want to build one though.

as far as pedals, there are a ton, most should be less bitchy. what is your budget?
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Anything under 200. Selling off some old stuff so it will be a bit before purchasing.
As is, bosses latest reverb plus an expression pedal, or a digitech polara have piqued my interest. Or maybe find a used lexicon rack unit.
My amp has an effects loop on the front with a selectable volume switch, and a pre out pwr in on the back so just about anything will work.

I want to get some shoegazy atmospheres and cavernous verbs that a spring tank can't do, and with the exp pedal with a boss verb would allow dialing it back for some simple thickening.
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I have both a TC Elec. Hall of Fame and an Earthquaker Afterneath -- neither of them add "fizz" or "thin" the tone when running overdrive/distortion. However, if I run a lot of decay with a lot of distortion, it tends to get muddy and washy -- difficult to hear anything technical. I don't really use them with distortion except for leads, and very occasionally when playing at low volumes I'll kick my HoF onto "room" mode for a little extra ambiance.
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