Okay, so a little background. First, feels great to post again on UG Secondly, my parents bought an old house to fix up and sell in an old neighborhood here in Omaha. I went over to help them clear some shit out (it was obviously a hoarder house) and when I went into the basement, the son or whoever was living down there had some pretty rad equipment. The problem is, the basement has probably been damp and moldy for... who knows how long, and there's obviously some damage on the stuff down there. But I scored an old Magnatone Tonemaster 2x12 amp and a sweet PAIA modular synthesizer. Holy shit! My parents can have the moldy house!

Anyway, there's a guy in town who restores old amps and he requested that before I bring it to him and he has it in his house, that I clean it up a bit and make sure it's not moldy and whatnot. I think there might be some on it, as it was dirty and looks like there's some mild moisture damage. He suggested I spray some vinegar/water solution on the wood and parts to clean and to help kill the mold, and to set it out in the sun (thankfully it's summer) to dry out so it's not all musty anymore. My question is, I don't really want to store it in my house with my roommates, but my garage is detached and uninsulated, so I feel like it's going to be pretty humid in there. Where should I store this thing in the meantime while I set it out in the sun for a few weeks or so -- and also, how should I be cleaning it, and what will work and what won't work, etc. Advice please!

Wow! I built one of those PAIA synths back in the late 70's. That is so cool. How much do you want for it if you're selling.