I like the structure! The lead guitar is al little loud, I think it needs to come down and cut some like 500hz or around there. Kick could use a little more low end I think, but since there isn't any bass you might want to take that with a grain of salt. The overall guitars seem a little bit mid heavy, but once again no bass so grain of salt:

great overall songwriting though!

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Oh boy, I've listened to one of your tracks before. Honestly, you always catch my attention. I liked the riffs on this one and how linked the song seems to be (solid continuity throughout the whole piece)

I'd only pick at how at some points, one guitar felt to be moving a little faster than the other, but cool track especially the leads, as they maintained the life in the song.

Got some good riffs going there man. Its definitely djent-vibed but without the lower tunings. I would definitely pan the guitars out though, and double track them L+R. It'll fill it up a little more, as well as adding the bass will too. Drums sound killer! What drum program are you using??
Guitar has way too much high end, very hard to listen too. Its a really cool song but the mixing makes it hard to enjoy. Adding a bass will not only fill out the bottom end but it should help the guitars not be so harsh, it should allow you to bring the guitars down in the mix. The composition is great and I know once you make some mixing improvements this will be a great song, really cool lead playing as well.

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