I am the grandmaster when it comes to rolling joints but when it comes to playing notes on different strings on the same fret I totally suck at it. Could someone give me tips on NOT getting the both the notes to ring at the same time when you roll your finger from say 5th string to 4th string on the 5th fret with the index finger. Also, when bending 1st or 2nd string how do you ensure that the string just above them do not make a noise ? I have been playing for 2 years but I feel like these two thing always make my playing sound sloppy.
Rolling: leave very tip of finger butting up against the string you've left. Also apply picking hand mute.
Bending: use picking hand to mute adjacent string (s). So, bend 2nd string. Mute 3rd (and typically 4,5,and 6) with edge of picking hand.
String noise control nearly always involves both hands,
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