Finally took the plunge and bought a stratocaster. What we have here is a American Special switched out the texas special pickguard for a emg kirk hammett pickguard. I am in love with this guitar, the nicest guitar ive ever owned easily. I ended up choosing this over the MIM Jimi Hendrix. Im glad i did. The jumbo frets are awesome. The only other mod id like to do is maybe some lock in tuners. Isnt she beautiful?

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Very nice! I bought my first strat last year and I love it (older US YJM model with the scalloped neck/Dimarzio's)..Congrats and have fun!
Mighty creamy NGD!
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Beautiful Indeed! I love to 70's headstocks. I was in line to buy one of these from an x bandmate but he is kinda flakey sometimes and couldn't wait 4 more days until I got my paycheck and he sold it on ebay, long story short the neck was damaged in transit and he had to refund the guy and was stuck with the damaged guitar, karma is a motherf**cker.

Anyway an American Strat is still on my GAS list, congrats she is a fine looking machine HNGD
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Nice score. That strat is looking mighty nice!
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Excellent choice. A white Strat is a mighty pretty axe...

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Thanks guys.
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Definitely a beauty of a strat, and you can never go wrong with strats really. With the exception of the Hammet pickguard/EMG's, it gives off an Yngwie vibe to me (Must be the maple neck w/70's headstock and cream paint). Go unleash some fury with her!

Anyways, HNGD!
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