You've seen sneakers that lace themselves and sneakers that can track your movement, but have you ever seen a

sneaker that doubles as a wah-wah pedal? Converse All Star created one

in conjunction with Critical Mass and Cute Circuit.

A prototype of the shoe, which is cleverly called the Chuck Taylor All Star

All Wah, debuted in 2013. This week, Converse launched the above video showing the final product.

In the clip, Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis tries out the shoes, which allow the wearer to create modulation

effects by moving their foot. While the modified Chuck Taylor Classic is

plugged in in the video, it can communicate with an amp wirelessly via Bluetooth.

It appears that this design from John Varvatos Converse series is more

of a special project than a future retail offering.

These days, sneaker-related books are a dime a dozen, which is something of a gift and a curse. On one hand,

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