Hi all, if anybody has an opinion about the best Australian made acoustic guitars, I would love to hear it.
Cole Clark and Maton seem to be the top 2 but do any others come close.
Gilet is an Oz boutique builder whose prices are somewhat higher than the big two, and there a lot of small-shop luthiers. With some notable exceptions, their prices seem a little lower than the US.

My strong preference between Maton and CC is Maton, because I have a major bee in my bonnet about neck joints. CC use a non-resettable Spanish heel, Maton use a trad dovetail. However, CC make very clever use of CNC machiningg, and their pickup-preamp system is supposed to be good.
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i love cole clark guitars. they sound wonderful and they're really well made. maton may make some that are also wonderful, but the ones i've gotten to play here in the states didn't really compare.
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Isn't Maton a banjo company, primarily? I know their guitars have a great rep, I just find it interesting. That would explain some weirdo cosmetic choices I've seen on some Matons like big fancy fret marker inlays on the first fret and some oddball looking headstock art. I love it
Maton may once have made, or more likely badged, banjos, but I've never seen or heard of one. Over the years they have managed to do some outstandingly ugly designs. The sound of the older ones is a bit of an acquired taste, but they stand up very well to the Oz climate. They have recently gone to a lighter Taylor-style bracing pattern. Many will like it, I'm not so sure - if that is what I wanted, I'd buy a Taylor.
Thanks guys.
I am only learning so i decided to save some money and bought a cort mr730.
It will do me for now.