Since Yellowcard is breaking up, I decided to write a nice little diddy as a tribute, gonna slap a melody and some lyrics on at some point, just thought I'd see what everyone thinks!

As always C4C!

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Thank you for your feedback on my song.

Your tone and playing are very good quality and tight but the piece its self is a bit to samey and uncreative to me..

I'm not keen on the drum sound either. But this could be a good foundation for a decent song. It just needs some building.
Hey man!

I like the song a lot! Its got an "In your face" kinda punch to it. Really well played.

Hey, the guitars sound pretty good, and your playing is on point. The bass was a bit hard to hear, I think simply because the guitars were occupying some of the low frequencies. If you add a high pass filter on your guitars around 100-120hz it would help the bass become clearer. I actually really like the bass tone, it has just enough dirt to hang with the guitars, but retains its rumble. The snare becomes hard to hear in some parts, the kick sounds good as is. The cymbals and hi-hat are a bit overbearing though. When programming drums, it's generally not a good idea to go full velocity on every hit, just because that's not how a real drummer plays. Otherwise just turn em down by a couple dB and you're good.Like jk said, the song is a bit repetitive, but I understand that it's not completely finished. If/when you do finish it, let us know. Good luck!

I think you did a great job man. I think Pop Rock is a good category to sit this in. I have to agree with other folks in this thread though and say your bass and drum mix was a little weak, but being Pop Rock that may be appropriate for this track. I mean you aren't pumping out Sabbath riffs here.

I think with the right vocals and the right lyrics there is a very anthemic quality to it. Very nice foundation for a good song.