Big issues with the timing of vocals, astep out. guitar skills, but went nowhere new. Yes u can play but you have a thing or two to teach that guitar yet. one of my favs this month
Thanks for taking the time to listen to it, I'm glad that you like it ! I might agree with you for the guitar, I think that most of our firsts songs are sheer death metal but the new ones are further into the melodic side and thus more "recherché" (I think this word exists in english too :p ) . But I hear no problems with the vocals. Thanks again for your feedback.
I didn't hear any problems with the vocals either. I liked the guitar tone as it was a genuine death metal tone and not this overly-polished djent bs. Loved the riffing as well. This may not have been your intention but I heard some Dissection at the beginning of the song. I'd love to hear more of your death metal material. This one may have been more melodic which can be tricky -- my only critique is that some of the melodic ideas perhaps repeated too many times, but not by a lot.

If you're interested, here is a recent black metal track I did -- I'd love to hear your thoughts!: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1708542
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood
Thank you ! Well I never listened to Dissection but it wouldn't shock me, I have several black metal influences. Yeah this song has many riffs repeating themselves, the latest songs we're working on don't have this kind of structure.
I'm listening to your song right now , I'll reply in your thread !
The song overall sounds good. I might say a bit generic for the genre. My main issue would be leads - lead 1, 1:49 a bit out of key or something just wasn't working for me. Lead #2 - bit formulaic but not bad. Lead #3 was cringeworthy. Noted - a lot of BM/DM bands have gotten away with much worse lead work but I think this is the main area that you need to work on. Also - mix in those leads with some effects, that's sound better.
The song could've easily be shortened by 2 mins without you missing anything from the arrangement.