Hey guys, we played our first gig recently, could've been better but seeing as we've been playing for so long and had almost given up on getting past rehearsal room recordings, I think it went great, and was surprised to be so well received as an instrumental outfit. We have a nice little bootleg of our gig on our Soundcloud, and really I'm just hyped to share our music with as many ears as possible! Please take some time to listen and I hope you enjoy We hope you'll enjoy our music enough to like and follow us on facebook and Soundcloud! I'll be happy to check out anyone else's projects and return fan-dom should your music be pleasin' to me ears too.

We have a diverse range of age-groups playing in the band, and thus influences, if one song doesn't take your fancy, we might have another that does, our first song is more a straightforward rocker, with following tracks being a bit more experimental, some heavier, etc.


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