I'm a beginner (perhaps advanced-beginner or verging on intermediate) guitarist, and I recorded this with a Zoom h2n in the middle of the night on limited sleep, so certainly don't expect miracles in the actual playing or audio fidelity here (and please don't go too harsh on me - I'd like to know what to work on, but tend to be a bit sensitive, so if possible, please be constructive), but I was pretty enthusiastic when I wrote this, as it was my first original instrumental tune or jam idea that wasn't just playing through a 12 bar blues. I actually co-wrote it with my guitar instructor. He usually plays the funky rhythm portion, and wrote the ending or turnaround portion of the main melody. The majority of the main melody (the portions of the melody that utilize octaves), I wrote, however.

In any case, here's the link:

I'll do my best to do C4C (providing feedback to anyone interested in providing me with feedback), but being a casual, hobbyist guitarist whose main career is in the tech world, I often don't have a great amount of free time to spend on UG.

Thanks in advance for any and all possible feedback,

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