Hello people who read this, we are agoing to see Red Hot in Prague on 4th of september, they are playing in the O2 arena :
and we are buying tickets to the further sitting sectors (becouse the price), and I was wondering about which of these two options will be better soundwise:
- the 402/413 - closer to the stage so we can see them as little dots or 422/419 so we can see them on monitors only. Is sound going to be worse on the sides and better on the furthest seats becouse they are directly in front of the stage or what other factors are there in arena like this ? danke schön
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I'd go for the closer seats as a rule. The majority of the sound won't be coming from the amps on the stage (and to be honest, you don't want to be in front of one of those) but from the PA, which should get everything sounding more or less the same wherever you are. For me, when I'm seeing a band live it's more for the experience of seeing them perform than the sound quality, if that makes sense.
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K33nbl4d3 Yes that would be the rule, but the tickets were pretty steep for standing and they are gone anyway so it's more about sound now, we are not gonna see them very good either way I think
In rooms, always towards-back-right is my go-to, to activate the left-brain. If at a show, cmon bro, work your way through to the front