Hey, name's Lösky! Post is a little lengthy, but I just mean to be as clear and out there as possible.

I've been really playing guitar for around 5 years (that's how long I've been playing metal)

I live in Angola and it's very hard to find people that meet my requirements.
This might sound cheesy but the other night I actually dreamt that I found the right people to play with, and I decided to try my luck over here!
Given that I'm far away, I'd like to find like minded (online) musicians here to see what kind of music can be made and to experiment.

I can't exactly describe my genre, but I can say I have a heavy-ish technical metal vibe!

I make my own music from the ground up (except for drums).
Here are some of my tracks and the videos to the ones that have them:

https://soundcloud.com/loskikimetallum/paper-heart vid:

Just to be sure I'm not wasting your time, I'll cite my favorite bands/influences:

Veil Of Maya, After The Burial, The Faceless, Born Of Osiris, Elitist, Periphery, Trivium, CHON, Change Of Loyalty, Black Veil Brides (bear with me, the guitarist was actually pretty sick when I used to listen to them!)

What I'm looking for a little more specifically:
- Musicians not too far from my age (I'm 21. I believe it'll be easier for us to relate)
- Gender is of no concern! As long as we see eye to eye, we're good!
- Enough equipment to record (ie I use cubase 7, amp plugins, a Behringer UCG102 and, obviously, a guitar! , all of which are pretty basic. as long as we can exchange raws, it'll be great)
- And, ofc, enough playing skills. I'm not the greatest around, but if you're as good as me (or better!) that'd be great.
- Most importantly, originality. I think meshing many styles together would make for a great new sound!

I hope any of you can relate or, if you know anyone, can direct them to me!

Please PM me if you're at all interested.

EDIT: I only have a six string! So... yeah ^^'
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Just wanted to say I'm pretty impressed with your stuff. Especially for being only 21. I'm not in your age group, but sure you'll find plenty here.

If you don't have any luck here try out Kompoz or any other number of online collaboration sites. I've used them in the past and you can find some good folks on there.

Good luck, Sir!
pressureproject Wow, thanks a bunch for your honesty!

I'll be sure to check Kompoz out right away!

Keep on rockin'
Dang dude I'm only 17 and I don't have good recording equipment (Boss ME-25 into Audacity, Just to record guitar ideas so I don't forget them). I'll definitely share your stuff around my Facebook and Twitter. Love how I can tell your influences are Born of Osiris . I have a Skype if you want to throw around ideas, I mostly play solo arpeggio shred stuff but I've got a pretty good ear if you want someone to run ideas by. I'm sure you'll find a sick band and guitarist that'll collaborate, UG is huge.
Dashiell B Thanks for the words, man! My equipment isn't exactly the greatest, so I used it to mention anything goes xD you can PM me your skype if you'd like! I'm doing my finals rn, but I'll be very active during the next month. and thanks for the shares! I really appreciate it
I would be interested here are some examples from my soundcloud :


Im 20 years old from Germany and pretty flexible at the moment due to the fact that I just finished school .
Im playing Guitar since about 5 years and write songs on a regular basis

You can hit me up at Skype if you want to ( Nickname : Mike2k51 )
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Mike2k5 Dash and Mike, just hit you both up!

Any bassists around? Please! I would love to know!