Hi all,

Please please can someone help with this. I recently purchased an acoustic guitar after not playing for a while. Anyway, I bought this but could find nothing online about the model. It's a Shine or sometimes typed as Sian GD-302. It plays pretty good, but i'm not a huge expert. I payed £90 for it second hand. Just wanted to know wether that was worth it and just really wanted some information on the make model. Also, if anybody has had any experience with the brand or model itself. Thanks guys.
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I think I found them, but the site is sooo slow....

More like it's non functional, at least with my browser. The site loads immediately, and it will take you to electric guitars in a jiffy also. However, the rollovers for other types of instruments. light up when you hover, but fail to respond when you click. I know nothing is happening as the "page fully loaded / page loading" symbol on the address bar, fails to acknowledge the click.

YRMV with a different browser...