Recently just finished this track. The acoustic guitar comes in the second half of the song but the whole song was built around a chord progression I had stuck in my head.
Hey man, beautiful song! Feels like it could be used for a movie, a documentary or something cinematic, soundwise it sounds good to me, I don't know if you used new strings for the acoustic part, but I feel like if the acoustic guitar sounded brighter it would sound a lot more beatiful, also some acoustic harmonics placed at the right time would add a lot to that part, in my opinion. Keep going man!

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Thanks man!! I appreciate it. The strings were pretty new. I do agree with you though. I think the guitar should be brighter. The guy put on a doubler and chorus effect. It's okay but not the best. Anyways it would be my dream to compose music for Films/TV shows or Video Games. I appreciate the feedback
The mix seemed good and all the parts were played well. I think my only issue with is was that I always was waiting for it to go somewhere. It kind of reminded me of loading screens for video games (granted most music reminds me of some video game experience haha). My body just kept expecting the drums to pick up or some kind of shift in the feel of the song.

The thing with composing for films / tv is that they are very specific to what is happening on screen. Without that, a lot of the music is lost. There are obvious exceptions to that, but I think for the most part, the music is meant to accent rather than be focal. I can see this song being that type of music, but the video just kind of seemed to be something in the background. Keep working at it though. You are certainly close.

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Holy crap, that piano melody is gorgeous! Especially with the ambient vocals backing it. Awesome melodies; didn't expect an acoustic guitar. It sounds quite a bit out of tune to me? Those vocal tracks are damn smooth. Loving it. The synth keeps the track strong. Awesome job; I would look into changing the guitar parts up a bit. The chord choices are great, but the sound throws me off. Maybe the tone could be a bit brighter? It's hard to tell if it's a 6 or 12-string, but it sounds like a 12 on my end. Beautiful track!

Harlot Hero Thanks man. It was a 6 string Taylor acoustic. I also think it could be brighter. That's the one thing I keep thinking when I listen back is the guitar tone could be crisper. Ah well. I appreciate the feedback dude. Cheers.
Yeah, that was nice and moody and brooding. The strings are always a winner. Would really be good on a film/TV score. Get it out to some publishers

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