After 6 long months of writers block and heavy procrastination, I've finally finished writing/recording this track for the UG community album. This song will also be featured in my Acoustic album i'm currently working on. Prolly my favorite one yet! Enjoy!

Screaming on a strictly acoustic song?

Leave a link to your post and I'll check it out!
Thank you so much for listening!
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Very nice guitar tone man!! I like the vocals. I like the over dubs on the vocals too. Nice break down at 3 minute 30 seconds. Overall quality mix. I would say the bass could be just a tiny bit louder but that's about it. Good job.
Sup! The mix sounds good and the guitar work fits the song well, about the vocals, in the beginning I would just leave the higher voice, without the lower harmony, and give the vocals a tighter timing in the song, also the harmonies sometimes sound a bit out of tune, I suggest doing another take or doing a bit of pitch correction. I don't think the screaming fits the song, but I think it could be fixed if you made it sound more distant, with reverb, delay, or both.

Also this is just an idea but I think the song would be much cooler if at some point more instruments came in, add some synth/sampler for the background at some point, then some melodies, I think if that's done well it would add the song a lot more emotion! Good job man, keep going!

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Most Of Us is a great acoustic track. Kudos on the vocals. They remind me a bit of the band Alesana. I did feel at some points the layered vocals clash a bit pitch-wise. For some reason, the section between 1:30 until about 1:50 reminded me of "Colorblind" by Counting Crows. I really liked the section with just the guitars at 2:05. Thanks for sharing your work with us.