I have Schaller m6 locking tuners in my SG and it's neck dives like crazy. I want to replace them with some light tuners that are also light on my wallet :p . I consider Schaller keystone tuners, the non-locking ones. What do you think about them? Maybe some other tuners suggestons?

The tuner ream is 10mm
But I don't think lighter tuning machines alone are going to solve your problem.
Hipshots need a 9.6mm hole. It`s too late, I have it drilled for those Schallers ( I don`t know if they are 10mm or 9,8mm, various sites provide various information )
Schaller m6 locking tuners weigh about 300g while the G series Keystone weigh only about 150g. 150g of difference should at least make the neck dive a bit more manageable, + with some weights near the strap button it may be gone. Any opinions on those Schaller G series Keystone tuners?
They are more expensive than those heavy Schallers, almost 3 times the price of the non-locking ones I want to buy :c
Seems like they are more expensive in Europe. Ridiculously expensive, to be exact
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But I don't think lighter tuning machines alone are going to solve your problem.

Agreed. Those tuners make up a very small amount of the weight that's making your neck dive. You could invest in a wide leather strap, that's what fixed my SG neck dive issues.
100+ grams at such a long leverage should make a noticeable difference. I would need about 500 grams near my straplock to balance it out ( checked it ). I have a very wide leather strap, with a swede back so it really grips my shoulder but it`s still not enough.
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You can get conversion bushings that go from 9-10mm etc. Grover mini Rotomatics should be substantially lighter and they're 10mm.