I find my best songs always have a story behind them, and this is a song I really do love. When I original wrote this I had tonsillitis, I had been told not to sing, but whilst walking home a line of music burst into my head 'I wasn't born to be a king!' it said. I loved it, I rushed home and wrote this song, recording rough takes as I went along. It hurt, oh boy it hurt, but I think ultimately that just added to the feeling of this minor blues.

I also feel this songs sound fits nicely in between three of my very favourite albums: Electric Lady Land, The Doors and Pearl.

Here is Promises. Let me know what you think in the comments.


I really identify with your comment that the best songs have a story behind them. I feel like blues music as whole lives as an example of this. There are some really cool phrasing here and jazzy chord changes in the rhythm section.

I'm by no means a pro at mixing, but I noticed a few things which I thought might help improve delivery of the track. I thought the vocals, drums, and overdriven guitar leads were sitting a little low in the mix. I felt the rhythm guitar in the left audio channel could be turned down a bit. While these are relatively minor things, I think it could really improve the track overall.

Thanks for sharing your work with us!

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