So I have been on the hunt for a new guitar since my old epiphone SG is getting worst for wear and I was looking for a bit of advice.

It is important to note that I live in a area where the only guitars you can get are Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone with the occasional LTD, Jackson, and Ibanez. But this is rare and normally only the cheaper models. So I would have to purchase one online. I play mostly metal from Trash metal, Metalcore, Etc. But I still enjoy playing classic rock and punk rock here and there. I even play some bluesy stuff once and a while.

I would like EMG pickups or Blackouts (Preferably EMG) I Have Tried the LTD EC-1000 and I really liked it but I have been told I could get a better bang for my buck.

I've Been looking into the Schecter Hellraiser since they apparently have a good name and coil tap on both pickups which will allow a bit more diversity in the tone. I was wondering if someone could help determine the actual difference between these two guitars for one to be $300 more.

Also recommendations on any other guitar would be great.

Hellraiser C-1: http://www.schecterguitars.com/international/guitars/hellraiser/hellraiser-c-1-detail

Hellraiser solo II 1778: http://www.schecterguitars.com/international/guitars/hellraiser-solo-ii-detail
Are you comparing the LTD and the Hellraiser or the 2 models of Hellraisers? Either way these guitars have really similar specs. At Musician's Friend the C-1 is $749, the Solo II is $799, and the EC1000 is $899, as close as the specs are I really don't see why the LTD is $100 more and personally I find both Schecter models to be more visually appealing then the LTD, but I have never been a fan of the ESP/LTD Les Paul shaped guitars.
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In the end it comes down to personal preference in this one. Which neck do you like more? Which body shape? Both are good guitars in my opinion. I played both of them. The LTD EC1000 felt more traditional to me, the schecters more modern, both good in their own right.
Better bang for your buck than the ec1000? Maybe the ec401 But honestly, you cant go wrong with any of those. All the ltds i played were good, and my ec401 is my favourite guitar at the moment, and all the schecters i payed were also excelent. I just went with the ltd cause i thought it was prettier
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its just personal preference.

i prefer LTD to schecter. almost every time when comparing two similar models (shapes and tier).

i have owned an EC400 EC401 and an EC1000. i haven't owned any schecters, but i have friends who have, and i like LTDs better.

FWIW i am an ibanez guy though.
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C-1 vs Solo

The biggest difference I can see from the two is the coil tapping on the C-1. Also the neck where it attaches to the body, the C-1 looks to have a slim profile with the neck thru, the Solo being more like a Les Paul.

I own a Hellraiser Deluxe and Hellraiser C-1 FR. I don't have a Solo nor have I played one. I love the Hellraisers, even though I don't play them much anymore.
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