Hi guys!

I'm kinda having writer's block at the moment.
I love to play/write clean melodic parts that transition into some groovy riffing (AB, Mark Tremonti style, maybe a bit of opeth influences)
But right now I can't seem to come up with something original in a "standard" tuning (being Eb, D, C# and their drop variants)
I tried open tunings, like Open D5/B5. But I would like to explore to different tunings, the problem with open d5 is also that the B and G string have to be tuned up quite a bit.

My question to you guys is, are there any useful/cool alternate tunings which can combine both styles?

Drop tunings?
DADGAD? (I got inspired to arrange a pop song into acoustic rock by playing with this)
Open D (DADF#AD)?
Open C (CGCGCE)?

If you're stuck on shapes, maybe think with notes instead.