Well after my last new amp ended up frying (during a show of all the times it could have) I have returned it thanks to Guitar Center's lovely return policy.
I loved the way that amp sounded and so was depressed on losing it so quick, so I started messing with amps in my price range.

They had the same exact cab that I owned so comparing heads was a breeze, and I ended up walking out the door with an ORANGE amp.

It is the CR120H, and even though it is solid state, I feel it is a damn good one. Clean channel gets crunchy, and the dirt channel goes from crunchy and bluesy to DOOM with a fuzzy edge in a beautiful balanced sweep of the gain knob.

It does need a TS type OD to tighten it up for modern metal tones, but I find it sounds great just plugging straight in. Really digging the aggressive mids and somewhat spongy bass. At lower gains, an OD makes a good solo boost.

Reverb is glorious and lush. And I am a sucker for a good verb.

My one gripe, if I have the clean channel cranked in to crunch territory, I have to match the dirt channel's volume to it. And my NS-2 does not like it, so I have been rocking without a gate. The NS-2 in the loop with boosted channel volumes overloads the pedals loop and either severely colors the tone, or squeals like a stuck pig. So I may end up getting a decimator later on to try.

All in all, a few months back when I started a what amps thread, I was told not to get this amp. I was dumb for listening!
Nice score

And yeah you definitely have to make your own decision- we can advise to the best of our ability (which isn't much in my case ) but that's no substitute for making your own mind up. I'm sure a lot of we regulars have bought stuff that, if we were advising other people, we'd advise against
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I'll have to put the Classic T models on my to-try list. Shame the finish options there are Anachronism Gold, Nuclear Waste and Aged Clown, because in principle the plaintop is right up my alley.

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Liaztraht I gather you didn't try the Orange tube amps for comparison?

I have tried the Rockerverb. Loved it. But at this point in time I cannot justify, nor do I have the funds to buy one.

For a solid state it's a great sounding amp. It's not the same as the RV. Just a little different.

Their tiny terrors didn't do it for me. They're great little amps, though.
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HNAD. I've enjoyed the sound of the crush combos when local bands have used them. Loud clear and punchy.

I'm really loving this amp. It's loud and sounds great. And will do almost any style on its own, and an od completes its tonal spectrum.