I was hoping someone could help identify a Bass Guitar neck/head.

I don't know much about guitars and was given this by a friend a while ago.

The neck is quite heavy and has a sticker/decal(?) on the head which reads Fender, Serial Number N901572 , JAZZ BASS
MADE IN USA , American Traditional.
The decal looks like it has not been applied properly or is coming off.

The back of the neck has no information and the base of the neck has a white sticker and a stamped J V or J A .

The fretboard is a light colour - it seems darker in the images but in reality looks like a light rosewood colour.
(The full image of the whole neck captures this the best.)

The base also has a metal cylinder part which can come out.

Any ideas or information would be greatly appreciated.
All 9 Images can be seen at: