Hi guys ive been asked to play a guitar piece in a talent talent show. Has anyone got any suggestions of upbeat guitar pieces that arent overly complicated but still sound great and are fun to play?
What can you play? Overly complicated could mean many different things depending how good you are at various skills.
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I like to think im reasonably good i dont have much trouble with metallica songs ect i just want something melodic and interesting not something lightning fast not a greatbsweep picker either any suggestions a hood suggestion at this point
Misirlou? It sounds impressive to people who don't play the guitar and most people know the song. (If you want to appeal to the masses, play something popular.)
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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kingowensteve A simple one would be sunshine by matt costa if you think you can bring good upbeat vocals!
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You could play themes of tv shows and films
Like walking dead, Simpsons, South Park, it a small world, Mario (game) etc

Or go down the safe route and play Eruption