What year was used? I'm looking for specifics. I know they Used a Mesa Rec, I don't know what cabs or guitars, mics, or pedals.

I understand I'm not gonna get close, I'm not even chasing the tone. I just wanna know. I'm a nerd lol
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Mics, who knows? Live probably an SM57 or 2.
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I don't 100% know specifics for the album but it was at a time when they weren't using the stuff they're known for.

Live, Zacky was using a Schecter Solo 6 a lot so I imagine he used it on the record too.

Syn had been using an Ibanez a lot during the Sounding The Seventh Trumpet album but live during that era he was using a Parker Fly, Schecter Avenger and I'm 99% positive I saw him played a white Gibson Les Paul Custom.

So I imagine it'll be those sort of guitars that were used.

I know in later albums they just used Schecter S-1's and Syn sig guitars for 99% of the recordings but back then it was a bigger mix.

But I don't know specifics, just what I've seen them play in that era.

I'm a huge Avenged Sevenfold fan so I watch a lot of live videos or studio videos etc. I'm a big gear nerd and Zacky made me fall In love with the Schecter S-1
The specific guitars don't really matter to the tone as much as the pickups. And as far as I know, Zacky has pretty much always used guitars with Duncan JBs, and Syn has used Invaders. And yeah, H4T3BR33D3R seems to have the amps and pedals down.
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I think there was also some talk of them using 5150 heads at that point, I think they were copying At The Gates initially...or was it Trivium...
The production back then was very lo budget but probably the best album they ever did and the only one that I still have.
Weren't they using Bogner Uberschalls in the studio for that album?
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AsOneIStand It was either a Boger Uber or a Mesa Triple/Dual Rec. Not 100% sure about cabs.

I know City of Evil was a Bogner and a Mesa Cab. Prolly a 57/421 mic.
I have a digital unit that has sims for a Dual Rec and an Uberschall preamp. Another unit that sims Power amp and Tubes, mics, and cabs. I've gotten pretty close with a few things. I'm just interested to know what exactly they use to see how my stuff sounds compared to that. It's mainly all curiosity
diabolical Trivium definitely used 5150s. Everything after Ember to Inferno was. Even the Kempers they use sim a 5150.

I don't think Avenged did.
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diabolical Trivium definitely used 5150s. Everything after Ember to Inferno was. Even the Kempers they use sim a 5150.

I don't think Avenged did.

If I remember rightly Ember To Inferno was XXX's.
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