Hey UG Community, I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special (one I think) and I'm just wondering if I order a pickguard for a Gibson Les Paul, will it still fit right in my Epiphone? And also how I can install it if it will fit?
You would probably have to modify a Gibson one to fit right.

An Epiphone one might fit though
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The Special is a flat top as far as I know, so a regular Les Paul pickguard won't fit probably. Do you have 2 pickups or only one? If you only have one, you could go for a Les Paul Junior style pickguard.
You'll need an Epiphone pickguard. The Gibsons have a slightly different spacing between the pickups, something to do with the USA made guitars using rounded imperial measurements and the Chinese ones using metric, like the rest of the civilized world. The only sure way to know is to measure it up, the measurements for pickguards are readily available online.

Normally a pickguard would screw into the guitar, once just above the neck pickup, and again on the underside for a bracket. On a flat-top special some sort of sticky back tape would probably work just as-well as putting screws into the guitar. *shudder*.
No. Besides the fact that the guitar is flat top and not carved like, well, any Gibson LP...

It's not gonna magically make the guitar better.
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I don't like the Les Paul pickguards myself, I've only got mine on for the fact it's signed, but if the OP wants one, well.