Greetings everyone,

Long time no see for me and the UG forum as I was busy with college. Anyhow, here is a split screen cover some friends and I did. We collaborated through the internet, just like most band covers out there. Take a listen and don't hesitate to give me any feedback regarding the rhythm guitar, even if you think it's gonna sound negative.

All the info you need in terms of names and gear used is in the description. We have another cover in the works and we're looking to upload it before the end of August. Thanks in advance.
I liked it. Great job! The guy in blue is a bit of a rusher, though. I also think there`s room for improvement in his lead tone. Great performance by all of you, btw.
luisenrique Thank you very much for the comment and the kind words first of all. It's strange that you think Stavros is rushing, I believe we was spot-on on this one. Maybe it's slightly out of sync? Let me know.

I think you'll enjoy the next one then, it's going to be Trust by Megadeth and he's been saying to me these past days that Friedman's solo is kinda kicking his ass!
Panos94 Yeah, I watched the verse riff twice and someone is out of sync. Not too much, though.
That megadeth cover sure isn´t easy. Good luck!