So I have 2 guitars but 4 main tunings I'm interested in. Standard, Drop D, Drop C and Drop B. Now I'm planning on setting up my ibanez in drop B so no problem there. But then I'm left with the other 3 tunings, now I know standard and Drop D are easy to pull off but then what about Drop C?? As of now I don't use drop C because my strings don't sound the best down that low so in guessing they are around 9 gauges but I can always upgrade to 10s which I'd heard are fine for both Drop C a standard. Will this work? I'm still experiencing meeting with the different bands I like to play and that's why I'm looking at so many tunings. Drop C obcourse is vast with many heavy bands that use it. Standard and drop down are also basically a must for me and drop b is good for bands such as slipknot. I don't know how frequently I'll be tuning from standard to Drop C and I heard drop tuning like that can hit your guitar neck so should I do it? Is rather not have to buy a whole new guitar. Btw the guitar I want to use for drop C is an ESP EC 331 with no fluid rose while my other guitar is an ibanez rg 350 with a floyd rose.
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Nah, it won't damage your guitar in any way. As you've already noticed, you don't exactly get the best setup if you tune down without adjusting anything or using a different string gauge, but the guitar will be absolutely fine.
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Will going from 9 gauge to 10 require a new setup?

With a non-tremolo guitar changing from 9s to 10s you should be ok.
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You're going to want to investigate Variax guitars (line 6) before you get too deeply into alternate tunings.
Maybe tune your one guitar to drop B and get a capo for C? I'm not sure if I would bother having a guitar in drop B and C, it seems a bit redundant, but of course this isn't my guitar. Keep in mind, if you are going to change the tuning of a guitar by a step or more you are probably going to want to make some adjustments to maintain playability.
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I like to try and keep a guitar for each tonal register, I've got one for E and Eb, a FR setup for D, and one for C and C#. You might wanna look at the Morpheus Droptune if that isn't an option. I don't think little changes in tension are too bad, just keep an eye on the neck. I take the Les Paul strung with 12s from C to E sometimes and it's fine. It's only the strings that will give up and die with extreme changes in tension.
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i wouldnt use anything smaller then a .54 for the drop c string. might be able to get away with a .52, MAYBE.
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I'm planning on going with 11s instead after trying a standard guitar on 11s and finding its not to tense and that I actually find it a bit better and that this will work better in drop c I'm going with the 11s and it turns out my guitar already has 10s so... Turns out the 10s are too floppy XD thanks everyone for your help.
To be honest you don't need to have all these different drop tunings, it doesn't sound any heavier because it is lower, it is to bring the instruments in range of the vocalist.

You can play any drop tuned songs on a Drop D or a Drop C or a Drop B. Just pick your favorite one and stick to that. I play just in Drop D on my Les Paul, I get the drop tuned feel and playstyle without having to fuck around widening nut slots, (an irreversible adjustment for lower tunings) buying heavier strings and raising action.

If I feel the need for anything lower than Drop D I have 2 7 strings to reach for.
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N1ghtmar3C1n3ma That's true but in my case I often like to play along with a backing track so I'll have to play in the tuning of whatever the band is playing.
that drop tune pedal seems pretty cool.
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Like someone else said, having a guitar in drop B and another in drop C is kind of redundant (since the two tunings are only 1/2 step apart (or least I think so..) )
Just take your dropB guitar and capo the 1st fret for drop C, then set your other one to drop D (assuming that the guitar for dropD is using a lighter gauge)
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Quote by romeozdistress
i wouldnt use anything smaller then a .54 for the drop c string. might be able to get away with a .52, MAYBE.

I have 11-52's for my open C tuning and it plays just fine at a 25.5" scale length.
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N1ghtmar3C1n3ma That's true but in my case I often like to play along with a backing track so I'll have to play in the tuning of whatever the band is playing.

Unless it's within range of a Pitch shifter. I have one on my Korg Pandora. It shifts the pitch of the track without altering the speed of the song.
I own a Peavey AT-200 Antares powered auto-tune guitar.. I bought a store demo unit, the overall condition was very good.. I bought it without reading reviews (maybe bad idea but so far the guitar works just as it should) it has basswood body and routing could have been better.. the tuners were ok (but as my signature says, I like mod or upgrades.. Planetwaves Auto-trim Locking tuner, Jescar EVO gold medium fret and EB Cobalt 9's) my luthier was even impressed the string tune was accurate thru the amp speakers.. you can do just about any tuning you can think of and it is always properly intonated.. aside from that you get the different electric guitar pickup model, and acoustic guitar and bass pickup too (Antares complete pack).. basically, this is a good guitar to have around.. I will post pictures too.
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I only use 9-42 for drop C, it can be fiddly setting up the floyd rose but if that gauge of string is what you're used to then stick with it..!
No way I could get my 42 to down to C without it being a noodle.

Recently went from standard & 9-42 to C standard and 12-56. More tension than with 9's (Floyd pulled up), however the thickness and tension while playing is hardly noticeable.
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that drop tune pedal seems pretty cool.

They take the entire guitar down a step (or two or three); all six strings at once. If the tuning you want to use changes just one or two of the strings (or it changes the whole guitar PLUS one or two of the strings), you're still stuck with retuning the guitar.