Firstly, I have two pretty honestly crappy guitars.

I have this Epoch that has fret buzz all over the place. But I do really like the weight feel and look of it.

I also have one of these. It has a better neck but the neck has a small crack on it around it neck.

Should I put some money into these or just get a new guitar?

And I found this amp on Craigslist I understand it's not fantastic but it's an amp it's local and I'm getting it for $125 and experience with this?

These pictures aren't of my specific gear I was at work when I decided to post.
There's a tech in town I'm going to take both into him and see what he says too. I just appreciate any advice I an get.
I honestly wouldn't take it to a tech, any of the work that could be done can be done by yourself with fairly standard tools anyone should own.
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I would take them to a tech if you don't have any knowledge setting up guitars, as far as investing any money into them I would not spend any more than the cost of a basic set up neither of these will yeild a good return when you go to sell them if you decide to upgrade to a better guitar in the future, no matter what you do to them.
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Honestly I might just look into a new guitar, both of those might improve a bit with some work but I imagine that you'll be fighting them the whole way.

You seem to like Les Pauls, a good used Epiphone can be had for reasonable prices. That amp isn't terrible for a starting amp, especially if you need a bit of volume, but I'd definitely see about talking down the price to at least $100
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If you like the guitar its worth putting money into. If you dont like it then its perfect for learning how to set up yourself or trying out cheap mods, maybe you will end up liking it.
Taking it to a tech couldn't hurt the guitar and if you still don't like it its a nice touch in a add to say it was recently set up proffesionally.