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I was wondering if anyone here could give me tips on how to do vibrato. In all my years of singing (nearly a decade?) I was never required to do falsetto as
I was mainly doing choral and pop. However recently I've decided to incorporate more vibrato into my higher and lower notes especially when im holding it but I seem to be failing haha. HELP ME!
Naturally, without force. Forced vibrato is unhealthy.

If you're unsure about the mechanics behind your singing, a teacher might help. How does it feel when you sing?
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Vibrato is a natural byproduct of good singing technique, which also includes breath control. Forced vibrato means that you're creating needless extra stress somewhere in the vocal system.
I've heard of a few ways you can produce vibrato in your vocals from various teachers. One technique is to practice taking two notes, relatively close to each other (ex. E and F) and cycle back and forth between them. First slowly and then rapidly, it'll get the mind-body connection working so you can use it during vocal performance. After awhile it won't sound like two separate notes, just a simple vibrato. Either that, or just over time most vocalists develop it naturally through practice.
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Vibrato is overrated, especially in large amounts. But I guess it just depends on individual taste. Like the person Humbug says,you can train it deliberately. But the mechanism of vibrato can come naturally if you are singing in a way that is relaxed and has good release. Once you get there, all you need to do is pump a little more air out, and your vocal cords should give in a little then bounce back on pitch rapidly. Vibrato.