I was playing around and ended up with something that sounded like a primitive three note intro to the Canned Heat's Fried Hockey Boogie intro. Since I can't find any tab online, I was hoping if someone could inform me that I'm way off, or not. I'm not asking for the actual tab, sine I realize beggers can't be choosers. Just wondered if someone would bother to see I'm actually on to something. And if not, maybe they could point me in the right direction.
It's just a few notes, so I'm imagining for pro's like youse, (and you all seem mighty powerful) it couldnt take more thant to seconds to do so.

Listen to the intro

and see if this is somewhat - on a primitive n00b level, in the right area....

E: -------------------------|------------|
B: -------------------------|------------|
G: -------------------------|------------|
D: -2-2-2-2-2-2---------|------------|
A: ------------------3-5---|------------|
E: -------------------------|------------|
                  p   p

It's a barre on 2. Also, swing feel.
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You need a dyad, a little two note chord.
Then the riff is like this. (Should really have an indication of the triplet feel and staccato but this is just quick)
It starts just ahead of the beat. Pick the notes on the D & G strings with your fingers and the bass notes on the A string with your thumb. Let the dyad and the open A bass note ring together until you cut off the next dyad.

E: |------------|------------|
B: |------------|------------|
G:2|--2--2--2--2|--2--2-----2| etc
A: |0-----------|0-----3--5--|
E: |------------|------------|

Ah, not quick enough, hadn't seen NeoMvsEu's post!
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