Hey guys,
I need you to help me because I might know what the problem is but I'm not 100% sure. Basically when I plug my guitar into my interface and strum harder than I would do with soft picking stuff I get signal distorsion, even if it's not clipping at all (neither in the interface nor in the daw). My other guitar doesn't have this problem. I even tried using other inputs and other cables, but the problem seems to be always the first guitar. When I play with a real amp and use clean settings I don't hear this issue...
May the cause of all this be the pickups? I wanted to know what do you guys think before spending any money.


My reaper session to show you that the input level is set correctly: http://imgur.com/DSi9LAp

Something I've just recorded straight DI to let you guys understand what I mean by saying signal distorsion: http://bit.ly/295P4KB
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I'd suggest to show the reaper mixer, and check if there's clipping on the main volume meter, if you use effects also check that the output of each fx isn't too high

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billyTheShears I don't have neither FXs nor other tracks. It's just a single guitar pure DI. What you hear in the audio file is exactly what you see in the image
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DaveKeehl I'd still check out the output meter in the mixer (view menu->mixer) , maybe the main output volume is set too high, unlikely, if you didn't change it before, but worth a try

that guitar is like falling in love with a stripper
modded Squier Strats
DaveKeehl probably you've already tried to lower the gain further on your interface to hear what happens, so I've got no other suggestions

that guitar is like falling in love with a stripper
modded Squier Strats
Have you tried recording with a compressor already active on the channel you're recording into in your DAW?
Your guitar has no problem at all ! It has a great dynamic. It's a good thing !

When you setup your interface, you have to adapt its gain so whith your hardest strum, the signal is clean.
After that, if you need more volume in your mix, you set a compressor on your track.
Are you using a VST or are you literally using the unprocessed DI guitar sound?
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I'm getting an 'audio error' message at the top of the linked page, but going by the image posted, I'm going to say he's using an amp sim. I may've experienced the same phenomenon: sometimes I get this digital clipping sound in my DAW, but my levels are at least a quarter from red; the amp sim meter isn't clipping, either; but if I turn down the sim's master output, then raise the track level, the clipping isn't there.
Sorry guys I was busy recently. To answer your questions:

JSCh94 no compressors used, neither physical nor in the daw

H4T3BR33D3R unprocessed DI signal, I have no active plugins

Anonden Yes I do normally use amp sims but not this time. The waveform represents just the DI and what you hear in the audio file is also DI (no amp sim engaged). The audio file I've uploaded is a flac, so Dropbox can't play it. You have to download it.

Negens I know the levels are set correctly, that's why I don't understand why it's distorted
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@DaveKeehl: I assumed you were using a sim because the track data is big. My stems are little puny things. Only when I enable a VST is the stream that large.