Hi everyone,

I have just bought a new PRS SE Custom 24 and I'm delighted with the sound, feeling, action and look of my guitar.

However I feel the tone pull push knob much more easier to turn than the volume one.

Is it normal or is this a sympton of future problems? If it is not normal, can I tighten the knob by myself or I have to claim to the guitar shop?

Thank you very much and regards.
This is common. Its just down to the way pots are manufactured, how much grease is in them, how clean they are and a slew of other factors. I've not seen it as being a problem unless the pots were actually hard to turn or are so loose that its impossible to play the guitar without them moving.
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PRS doesn't charge that much for the instrument in question. It's $700, and one of the better quality production guitars at that price.
I have a guitar that rolls it's own tone off a bit, say from 10 to 9 just because it's vaguely slippy. It doesn't actually impact the tone whatsoever, it's the shell of the knob just self-rotates to 9 after a while. A bit annoying sure, but since it's not affecting anything i'm fine with it

I wouldn't let some small problem like that bother you to be honest, sure if you're dropped like $5000 for a custom shop Gibson you're more than welcome to flip the fuck out, but for a mass produced guitar, ehhhh does it really matter? If the guitar feels great to you and it gives you that feeling, then roll with it. You can't expect instruments to be absolutely perfect unless you're dropping insane amounts of money on it, to the point of being hand crafted where someone is physically accountable.
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