Pinch harmonics used to be on everything. They were a cool guitar sound. I haven't heard them on a track for years. Were they overused?

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
they died with Necrophagist
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i don't remember them ever being big as part of songs. the only time they ever stood out to me was in a bass solo (Victor Wooten stands out) or instructional video.
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We found out you liked them

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i had to look up what a pinch harmonoc was.

i actually started doing it (badly) by accident when i was messing around with my guitar years ago.

so the answer is i ruined them.
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It became a death metal thing and hence they turned awesome if gimmicky:


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they disappeared with deathcore and now are used only when they're actually appropriate in songs
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I hope they come back. That week in 2004 that I spent learning how to do them would be a total waste otherwise.

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yea, think they got over used for a while. I still like them in certain spots, but not thrown in randomly 10 times a song.
The sexiest pinch harmonic ever rang out... by far... was the main riff in Necrophagist's Seven.

Harmonized* harmonics*, 2 Heads > 1
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I hope they come back. That week in 2004 that I spent learning how to do them would be a total waste otherwise.

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The sexiest pinch harmonic ever rang out... by far... was the main riff in Necrophagist's Seven.

Harmonized* harmonics*, 2 Heads > 1

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Severe overuse, it just happens with certain things. Like chorus used to be this massive thing everyone used, now it's barely used.

That said I do them all the time when i'm dicking around, i'll throw it in live for fun, but on a record? Ehhhh, it'd have to be super fitting otherwise it's not even a consideration. I couldn't imagine writing a song seriously with pinch harmonics being a main focal point
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Everyone switched to natural harmonics.
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They still exist, they just aren't an exciting or ground breaking technique anymore.
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As much as i dont listen to a lot of metal Cemetary Gates is a pretty cool example of pinch harmonics as well as natural.
Even though I like shred metal a little too much, I think sweep picking needs to go away for a while. Its like, everyone is doing it and doing it for no other reason than they can. And it gets boring fast.

I love shred, dont get me wrong, but some shredders need to tone it down a little. And by a little I mean a lot.

Everything in moderation please, especially pinch harmonics...
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