I would like to know how I can register a new song for the first time, can someone help me with that?

Aside from that, I have no idea. Not that I had interest in "registering" my music anytime, I don't think that anyone would ever steal any of my material.

Thinking of that, I would even be honored if someone did.
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This is assuming you are US-based. In short, the copyright ownership actually legally comes into effect when the work is created, however registering it provides a public record of said copyright, and thus makes it easier if you do find out that someone's swiped your lyrics or music. Obviously, please refer to your home country's own copyright office for their laws if you're not in the US.
Once I upload an original song to my soundcloud I consider it safe.. Like Azrael said, once a song is created it is your property and is copyrighted.. The thing you need to have is some way to prove the date it was created.. I believe when u save a file to your computer it is time stamped but also uploading it to soundcloud or something similar will also give it a timestamp.. Then if someone came along and claimed they wrote your song you have proof that you had the song before they did.