Before I start this off, I'm not sure where else to post this so I figured the electric guitar sub foum would be best, I have a question about Shipped in used GC gear. There's a guitar on GC used that I really want and its a killer deal, But im afraid it might be a dud (Bad frets, Super worn in Floyd rose, Although this guitar hasnt been out for all that long) And if it is a dud, when I pick it up from guitar center, could I just simply give it back and they give me my money back? Thanks!
Yes. 30 Day return policy unless things have changed. . .

I bought a Used MIM Strat and had it shipped to the closest store. They were cool with me inspecting and playing it before purchasing.

Really no risk.
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Bought 3 used myself and they are great with the gear. For more exotic stuff, GC might not be the king, but used gear seems to be their game.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
Bought a used Prestige from a GC 9 years ago...still have it. Perfect guitar. In the store you can haggle them down...online I think you are stuck on the shown price.
45 day returns, including used gear, BUT it's worth mentioning that the refund doesn't include shipping, so if you don't like it you're out the shipping either way. Small enough (relative to what you save by buying used) that it's worth the risk for me, but you should know that going in.
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But definitely have it shipped to the store and UNBOX IT THERE.


i have had problems both times i dealt with them. i ate shipping for one even though it was not nearly accurately described (a jackson LFR in an ibanez prestige??? come on). i fought to get it back but they wouldn't budge.

second time was an ibanez prestige, came as describing, missing the trem arm (which they said it came with), and had a bad jack. at that time i just accepted it and decided that i won't be buying used gear from them.

i would check reverb (dot com). no issues for me there.
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Absolutely they will take it back on the spot but as others have said, have it shipped to the closest GC to you and unbox it at the store and don't leave until you are completely satisfied that all is as it should be.
I just picked up a Peavey Patriot that was shipped from New Hampshire to my local GC. Shipping was around $20 and it took five days to get there. Because the store was closing for the day in about 20 minutes, I didn't unbox it there. Since it shipped in the original Peavey hard shell case, I wasn't too worried about shipping damage (and there was none). The story has been told by Peavey employees that the hard plastic cases were tested by tossing one out of the back of a pickup truck doing 60 mph down a Mississippi highway. While the case was scraped up, the guitar (a T-60) was completely fine.