I'd like to read what you make of this. It's a little different to the commercial version cos it's a music video (edited by myself actually) but you get the idea.

Will happily critique anything in return
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Hey! For me it sounds simple and good! Sounds like something I would hear in a local festival with lots of beer and..partying hahaha

This is just my opinion but I think it would be awesome if the vocals sounded younger or angrier, you know, not necessarily those two, but give them more character. Cool stuff!

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This was really fun to watch and listen to. Instrumentally sounded tight. The melody worked with the music well. Overall pretty solid.
The instruments sound tight, but the sound production could perhaps use some work The drums sound kinda dull, and the guitars are not articulate enough in my opinion. This definitely sounds like something I've never heard before, so that's definitely a compliment! Overall, I find the song itself interesting, but the production lacking.

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I love the guitar tone! The song is upbeat and catchy. Good video editing. That guitar solo is pretty awesome too
Guilty Conscience has an old school rock feel. I found the pause at 1:10 and pub footage that followed it really entertaining. The song is great, and I like the approach you took to the video as well. The guitar solo at 2:08 fit the style well. I also thought the "BUY THIS SONG" frame was pretty creative.

Thanks for sharing!
T J,
The "freeze frame" video shots were kind of funny. The video break in the middle of the song had me scratching my head, until I heard the lyrics right after that. I like hearing the English accent in the vocals, vocals are pretty good. Guitar riffs & guitar tone are good. Bass is fine. I have to assume the drums are real: I know those aren't easy to record without sounding marginal, but yours turned out fine. Please review my music at this link (the second song is more guitar-oriented):